Finding home in Hong Kong🏠②


This is the continuation of “Finding home in Hong Kong②”

The last area we saw was Tseung Kwan O that is a little bit apart from the central of the city. This area has developed in this few years and it’s near to a ocean and very beautiful town! It’s not like a “Hong Kong” town. Japanese people doesn’t live so much though.

We saw few condos in this area too, but it’s so difficult to find a room which meets our requirements…
For example, even if we thought it’s good, it was north facing room.. The real estate retailer told us that Hong Kongers don’t care about which direction the room faces, but we thought it’s a little bit dark so we want to avoid those rooms..
Though we have to choose a room today, so maybe we should compromise and choose from the choices we saw today…
Honestly, I couldn’t think anymore because it’s been 6 hours since we started seeing home..😂

Just the time I thought like that, we heard that there is one more vacant room and we can see it if the real estate retailer could contact the owner!
They could contact the owner soon, and we could go into the room!
It’s lucky, but I thought I shouldn’t have expectaion for the room. Although, when we enter, what we could saw at first was an ocean! It was a room with ocean view and that made us exciting😚
Also it’s south facing room and wet areas are so clean! This is exactly the best room among the rooms we saw today.

After we saw all of the rooms, we started to think which room we apply to. To be honest, we were torn between two choices.

One is the room in Hung Hom in which many Japanese live and a little old with no buthtub, and the other is the room we saw at last in Tseung Kwan O which a few Japanese live in and also the best room we saw today…
We wondered if it’s better to live in a area many Japanese live and easy to reach in a city.
We were told from the real estate retailer that we should apply to the room quickly because room will be filled soon in Hong Kong. There is no time to consider..

I’m going to stay at home for a long time in a day, so convinience of the access is important but the most valued thing is confort room for living and my husband had the same opinion.
So we decided to apply to the room in Tsueng Kwan O😌
I hope the owner would accept it and we could move in without incidents!

By the way, looking for home in one day made us so tired😂And I noticed that many things are different from Japan.
We are thankful so much for the support of the real estate retailer who gave us many advice about deciding home. They might thought we were demanding people😂

We need to compromise to choose a home even it’s in Japan, though it was lucky we could find a good room!
I can’t wait to move into the new home!


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