The story that I got surprised to Hong Kong’s taxi


As I wrote in the last article(Finally arrived at Hong Kong! Feel uneasy about our life in here though..), we could enter to Hong Kong with some happenings in the end.

The time was almost 9 p.m. after we could went through the immigration and got our laggages so that we were exhausted and really wanted to take a sleep in a hotel…
The hotel which my husband’s colleague arranged for us is located on the center of the city, so we were heading to there by taxi.

There are three kinds of taxi in Hong Kong with a different color depends on which area the taxi runs.
①Red taxi: Cover all areas except south part of Lantau island
②Green taxi: Only run in New Territories
③Blue taxi: Only run in Lantau island

The airport’s taxi stands are also devided into destinations, but also my husband’s colleague told us to ride on a red taxi, so we didin’t get lost😊
Many people who ride on a taxi from the airport have a big suitcase, though most of the taxies that came to the taxi stand are small one what is called sedan. The trank of the taxi is too small to put in those big suitcases, so a driver connected the trunk and the suitcase with a rope and started to run even the trunk hasn’t closed completely😱
The taxi that we got in also started to run with half-openned trunk as well..
I was wondering why don’t baggages drop out from the trunk lol
It is said that such scenes are very common in Hong Kong haha

What’s more, we told the destination to the taxi driver in English though it couldn’t get through to him..Fortunately, the guide of the taxi stand tell it to the driver in Cantonese, but could it be that English doesn’t get through in Hong Kong..?

The taxi got on kind of a highway soon after we left the airport, then the taxi’s speed seemed to get faster and faster..Other cars are also fast though our taxi was faster than them..
The driver passed them by changing lanes, but the terrifying thing was that he didn’t put on a brinker😱
My husband said that speedometer was indicating almost 120 kilometers..
Me who is a worrier was praying not to cause an accident and riding on it about 40 minutes, finally we arrived at the hotel. Thanks god!!
Price was showing in the meter, but we were charged much more than the price was shown, is it ripoff? But no, we were just charged five dollares in each luggage which we put in the trunk.

Even we got so nurvous on the plane, the taxi was also thrilling..
Although, I heard that there are many rough drivers in Hong Kong😂 Also cars are prioritized than pedestrian in this society.. I really understand how Hong Kong society is since I came here soon😂

My husband’s colleagues live near the hotel welcomed us when we arrived at the hotel inspite of the late night, and also we got many things like juices, instant noodles, snacks etc, from them!

There were some restrictions regarding Coronavirus such as isolating 3 weeks after entering Hong Kong or prohibbiting eating in restaurants for 3 days, but thankfully, these restrictions has just ended when we arrived at Hong Kong.
I’m anxiouse about my life in Hong Kong because of some happenings, but anyway, I’ll try to enjoy it!


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