Finally arrived at Hong Kong! Feel uneasy about our life in here though..


We were super busy for preparing to move to Hong Kong, though at last, the day has come.
On that day, our family and friends came to the airport and we were sent off by them splendidly.
I know that Hong Kong and Japan are very close so it’s easy to come back, but I’m going to miss them after all.. Although I said good bye to them with smile😊

It was the end of the year so we thought the security check point would be crowded, but there was few people than we expected so we could go through it fastly. Anyone of us didn’t expect what would happen from that time even though things went well so far.

I love getting on a plane, and it takes only about 5 hours from Japan to Hong Kong so I was relaxed before getting on it. Actually, I was enjoying watching a movie, having meals and talking with my husband on the plane. Though when flight attendants had just finished to clean up our meals, the plane has started to shaking around because of the turbulence.
I thought this thing offen occurs, but seat belt sign has lighted up and flight attendants started to sit on their seats.

I was gradually becoming anxious, then the plane started to shaking strongly and I couldn’t have watching movie any more. I was going to feeling airsick.. My husband also said like that but he started to sleep. Why can he sleep in this situation😂
It took about an hour to go through the turbulence after all.
I’ve got on the plane more than 10 times but I’ve never experienced like this plane shaking.
I might have a motion sickness medicine before I get on a plane from now..haha

By the way, we used Cathey Pacific Airline so the flight attendants were almost Hong Kongers and probably we were the only Japanese passengers, though many of them standed to go to bathroom or tried to take out something from the laggage rack despite of the seat belt sign has been turned on. They did whatever they want😂
I can understand their feelings because I also really wanted to go to bathroom, but plane was shaking strong relatively! And why the flight attendants didin’t tell them not to stand lol
I think it doesn’t happen when it is Japanese airline or they are Japanese passenger..
I got a little cuture shock before I arrive at Hong Kong haha

There was another happening again! The plane finally arrived at Hong Kong with shaking and I wanted to get off from it quickly, though my husband was paniced and trying to find something from his bag. He seems to lost his passport..
He definitly got his passport when we got on the plane, so it must be somewhere on this plane. We was looking for it then we became the only passenger so the flight attendants came close to us.
We told them that he lost his passport, then all of that plane’s flight attendants were started to finding the passport for us😂 One of them founded it in the back of the laggage rack in the end. We were going to refused entering to Hong Kong, so we relieved very much..
It was a good experience to learn that we have to put our important things in our bag quickly after we use it haha
And we’re verry sorry for the flight attendants who might wanted to go back home soon after the flight..
Thank you soooo much for the Cathey Pacific flight attendants’ helps at that moment😂

Finally we landed at the airport with a slight airsick, and we thought we have to line up for the immigration, though only consolation in bad luck, there was no line for the immigration so we could enter to Hong Kong right away!

We are heading to a hotel which is located on the center of the city by taxi, but the story will continue to the next article.→

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