Self Introduction

Self Introduction

My name is Rei and I’m living in Hong Kong since December, 2022 due to my husband’s work.
I’m going to introduce my self a little😊

I was working at a company since I graduated the university, though my boyfriend who is now my husband had been assigned to transfer to Hong Kong, and we heard that it’s from 6 months later😂
So thankfully, I got propose from him and we got married quickly. I quited my job and came to Hong Kong together.

It’s been almost 3 months since I came to Hong Kong and I’m having very good time in her, but time flies so fast…
I was thinking of starting something new, and I came up with an idea to sharing things that I experience in Hong Kong so I started to writing this blog.

Like in this blog’s title,”Strolling around Hong Kong”, I’m going to posting some stuffs which I found during strolling around Hong Kong, or about my life, gourmet, feelings and so on.

I’ve been reading many blogs that are written by people living now or lived in the past in Hong Kong, and it helps me a lot in my new Hong Kong life, so I hope my blog will also be useful for people who will come to Hong Kong in the future or who is living in Hong Kong even just a little😊

Thank you for reading my blog!