Finding home in Hong Kong🏠①


The next day we arrived at Hong Kong, we tried to find our new home immidiately.
The real estate retailer will close the office for the New Year holiday from the next day, so we headed for seeing the property from 9 a.m.. We arrived at the hotel late last night so really wanted to sleep more though lol
My husband’s working place had arranged Japanese real estate retailer and we could communicate in Japansese so we relieved so much😊

We requested in advance that we want to live in a clean room, so that the real estate retailer listed up about 10 properties in 3 area for us, and we’re going to look around them by taxi in one day. The properties we’re going to see are all in high-rise condo. So exiting!!

What is important to decide a room to live depends on person, but what we valued were these things as below.
①Cleanliness of wet areas
I’m a little germaphobic, so cleanliness of bathroom and sink area was important😂
②Having a goodsunlight
I’ll stay home for a long time, so getting a good sunlight was also taken seriously.
③The room is larger than 60㎡
We wanted a large room because we’re going to live for a long time.
④Having a buthtub
It’s particulally my husband’s request but we want to take a bath sometimes so we’re glad if it had a bathtub.

All of the properties we saw were a condo that many expats live, so those were like a hotel from the entrance and it made us exciting! There are a doorman in each condo so that high security is protected.
Also they have a clubhouse which have a facilities such as gym and pool😚
Although, we are going to have a hard time to find a room that meets our requirements…

We saw some properties in Hung Hom in which many Japanese are living at first. The reason why many Japanese live in there is because a school bus for Japanese stops near here.
It only takes 10 minutes by car and 20 minutes by foot to go to Tsim Sha Tsui so it’s very convinient place to live. Though the condo we saw was built about 20 years ago and it was a little old, so I was conscious about the wet areas even it was acceptable range. And it doesn’t have a buthtub..
Although many colleagues of my husband live in this area, that makes us feel ease when something happens, so it became one of the option.

The next area we went was Kwun Tong. This area is originally industrial area, but recently some new high-rise condos were built, so we saw these condos.
The condo was built 3 years ago, and we saw few rooms of it, what surprised us was that the cleanliness was different depends on the room! When it comes to Japan, I think most rooms are clean when it has past same years since it was built.
Ofcourse, there were clean room, though some rooms’ wet area,wall paper etc. were dirty like a condos which was built 20 years ago..

And this is a situation unique in Hong Kong that there is a owner in each room so even if we thought it’s a great room, sometimes it happens that the owner is kind of a problem person..
Hong Kong’s condos are not maintained well like in Japan and they think it’s better to fix it each time if it was broken. Problems occur very offen in facilities such as air conditioner, washing machine, water supply and we have to ask owner to arrange repairing through the real estate retailer. That means relation between the owner is important and we should take in consider that the owner is kind or not when we choose the room.

Also, furnitures are already prepared by owner in Hong Kong, there is an exception though.
It’s so glad for us like who moved from overseas!
Fortunately, the rooms we saw weren’t like that but the room’s furnitures might not match your preference because of those flashiness😂

We’re going to see one more area, though it continues to the next..

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